Galium Verum – Lady’s Bedstraw Seeds


Producing a froth of honey-scented flowers in July and August lady’s bedstraw has long featured in British meadows, heaths, and grassland, and is ideal for areas of naturalised planting in perennial borders. An important food source for numerous species of caterpillar, including those of the broad-bordered bee hawk moth, it also provides nectar for pollinating insects and is used in cheese making as an alternative to rennet as the plant contains an enzyme that curdles milk.

100% native lady’s bedstraw seed grown and harvested in Kent.

Flowers: late June to mid-September.
Height: 30–40 cm tall.
Sow: Lady’s bedstraw grows readily, when germination conditions are optimum, from seed sown at any time of the year.
Lifecycle: a sprawling grassland perennial. Lady’s bedstraw dies back to ground level each autumn then fresh growth appears again in the spring..
Best for: a sunny wildflower or perennial border in most soils. It can also tolerate partial shade.
Also known as: yellow bedstraw, Frigg’s grass, maid’s hair, and petty mugget.
Latin name: Galium verum.
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Galium Verum – Lady’s Bedstraw Seeds
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