Wildflowers For Seed-Feeding Birds


Bringing architectural interest to garden borders as summer fades to autumn, the seed heads of these wildflower species also provide vital food sources for birds and small mammals building fat reserves in preparation for winter.

Treat these wildflowers like your favourite perennials and integrate them into your planting schemes to support nature and nurture your own wellbeing. Sow each species in swathes to fill gaps in garden borders, or propagate them in the green house or on your window sill and then plant them out exactly where you want them.

This collection includes three individual packets of seeds containing the following native wildflower species.

Wild Carrot – Flowering from midsummer through to autumn, and drawing in a diverse array of insects such as bees, beetles, and hoverflies, the blossoms of wild carrot have an intricate, lace-like appearance, making them an excellent selection for relaxed borders.

Common Knapweed – The pink-purple flowers of common knapweed are made up of many tiny flowers with ragged bracts, borne on stems to a metre high above clumps of mid-green leaves. Rich in nectar and pollen they are beloved by bees, butterflies and moths and provide food for seed-feeding birds in autumn.

Cornflower – Cornflowers are vibrant and resilient annual plants that enhance seasonal bedding and cottage garden planting schemes. Flowering from late spring through until early autumn, their blooms provide beneficial insects with nectar and pollen and their seed heads are a food source for small mammals and birds such as goldfinches.





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wildflowers for seed feeding birdsWildflowers For Seed-Feeding Birds
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