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Wildflower Meadow Mixtures

Time To Rewild

Rewilding part of your garden is one of the best ways to support local wildlife. By sowing our meadow mix in borders and patio pots you can grow a variety of wildflowers and grasses to recreate the nectar-rich habitat of natural pastures.

Wildflowers For Wildlife

Wildflowers provide an abundance of vital food sources for a range of insects and other wildlife.

Support Pollinators

On a single day in summer, one acre of wildflower meadow can contain 3 million flowers, producing 1 kg of nectar sugar.

Extended Flowering

Due to the range of wildflower species found in our meadow mix, you can enjoy continued flowering throughout the summer and into autumn.

Improve Soil Health

As wildflowers grow and die back they enrich the soil with organic matter, which helps to support a healthy soil ecosystem.

DIY Wildflower Lawn Plugs

Our wooden paper pot maker is an earth-friendly alternative to plastic seeding trays.

Make a limitless supply of biodegradable seeding pots and quickly establish your own wildflower lawn plugs to rewild areas of your garden.

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