Wooden Seedling Pot Maker With Free Wildflower Seeds


🐝 This wooden paper pot maker comes with a 2g packet of our native pollinator wildflower seeds 🐝

Providing a sustainable planting solution, this stylish, eco friendly gardening tool is a must-have when starting seedlings. Compact and lightweight, this natural wooden paper pot maker with bumblebee design, makes a limitless supply of seeding pots and is an earth-friendly alternative to plastic seeding trays. Use old newspaper to make biodegradable plant pots to start wildflower seedlings in the greenhouse or on your windowsill, then plant the seedlings and their pots straight into the ground, planters, or raised beds.

The perfect gift for gardens, our paper pot maker also offers a great way to engage young children and toddlers in indoor and outdoor gardening. Watch the youngest members of the Kent Wildflower Seeds team making their own paper pots here.

What are the environmental benefits of making a newspaper seedling pot?

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: Newspaper seedling pots are completely biodegradable. Once the seedlings are ready to be transplanted, you can plant them directly into the soil, pot and all. This reduces waste and minimizes the environmental impact associated with plastic pots.

Cost effective: Newspaper is readily available and is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing plastic or peat pots. It’s a sustainable option that allows you to start seeds without investing in additional materials.

Easy to transplant: When the seedlings are ready for transplanting, you can plant the newspaper pots directly into the soil providing a seamless transition for the seedlings without disturbing their roots.

Air pruning: Permeable pots allow for air pruning of the roots. As the roots grow and reach the paper walls of the pot, they are exposed to air, which promotes the development of a healthy root system. This can result in more robust and resilient plants.

Moisture regulation: Newspaper seedling pots help regulate moisture levels. The paper allows for good air circulation, preventing overwatering and providing a suitable environment for seed germination.

Is a wooden seedling pot maker a nice gift for gardeners?

The efficiency and sustainability of making composting seedling pots will appeal to gardeners, especially if they enjoy propagating from seed. For gardeners who prioritise putting nature first, a wooden seedling pot maker is a gift that supports their values as it promotes responsible garden practices. Our pot makers are also decorative and make a delightful addition to a potting shed or garden work station.

What type of seeds are suited to starting in newspaper seedling pots?

Newspaper seedling pots are versatile and can be used for starting a wide variety of seeds. However, it’s important to consider the size of the pot and the specific needs of the plants. Here are some types of seeds that can be successfully started in newspaper seedling pots:

Herbs: Seeds of herbs such as basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, and mint can be started in newspaper pots. These herbs are generally well-suited for the size of the pots and can thrive when transplanted into the garden or larger containers.

Vegetables: Many vegetable seeds can be started in newspaper pots, including tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, lettuce, kale, spinach, and radishes.

Garden flowers: Annual flowers like marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and sunflowers can be started in newspaper pots. Perennials with smaller root systems, such as coneflowers and salvias, can also be started in these pots.

Soft fruits: Certain fruits with smaller seeds, such as strawberries, can be started in newspaper pots. However, keep in mind that fruiting plants may require larger containers as they grow.

Culinary greens: Seeds of microgreens, arugula, and other culinary greens are suitable for starting in newspaper pots. These can be harvested when they reach the desired size.

Root vegetables: While root vegetables like carrots and beets are typically directly sown into the ground due to their taproots, you can start them in newspaper pots and transplant them carefully to avoid disturbing their roots.

Aromatic plants: Seeds of aromatic plants like lavender, chamomile, and scented geraniums can be successfully started in newspaper pots. These plants often appreciate the air-pruning effect provided by the paper walls.

Wildflowers: Seeds of native plants, especially those with smaller root systems, can be started in newspaper pots. Native wildflowers and grasses are often well-suited for this method.

We recommend using our wildflower wooden seedling pot maker starter kit to make your own wildflower lawn plugs. Choose from our range of vibrant, pollinator friendly wildflower mixtures and single species to design your own wildflower lawn plugs which, once established, can be planted straight into your lawn or garden borders to create natural habitats for pollinators and other wildlife.


Product details:

Pot maker dimensions: 13.5cm x 7cm (width at base)

Pack dimensions: 15cm x 8cm x 8cm

Material: Beechwood


Weight 300 g
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm


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