Edimental Wildflowers


Harvest the fresh blooms of these vibrant wildflowers to brighten salads or provide decoration for cakes and drinks. Petals can be frozen in ice cubes, mixed into icing, or dried and used in herbal tea blends.

Treat these wildflowers like your favourite perennials and integrate them into your planting schemes to support nature and nurture your own wellbeing. Sow each species in swathes to fill gaps in garden borders, or propagate them in the green house or on your window sill and then plant them out exactly where you want them.

This collection includes three individual packets of seeds containing the following native wildflower species.

Field Scabious – Growing on elongated, slender stems, the pin-cushion-shaped blooms of field scabious appear in delicate shades of lilac between July and October. Well-suited for herbaceous borders, its blossoms are highly favoured by both bees and butterflies and make beautiful cut flowers.

Musk-Mallow – Reliable for dry soils, the feathery, scented, and dusky-pink flowers of musk-mallow are a popular choice for cottage garden planting schemes and make excellent cut flowers. A floral buffet for pollinators, bees and butterflies can’t resist its nectar-rich blooms.

Cornflower – Cornflowers are vibrant and resilient annual plants that enhance seasonal bedding and cottage garden planting schemes. Flowering from late spring through until early autumn, their blooms provide beneficial insects with nectar and pollen and their seed heads are a food source for small mammals and birds such as goldfinches.





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edimental wildflowersEdimental Wildflowers
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