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Common Poppies are perfect for pollinators. Flowering from June to August, the familiar saucer-shaped blooms of this scarlet cornfield favourite bring a riot of colour to areas of naturalised planting. Fast-growing, this species of annual wildflower will bloom just a few months after germination and provide a buffet of nectar for bees and butterflies, as well as wildlife habitat long into the autumn. If spent flowers are not deadheaded at the end of the flowering period you can expect them to readily self-seed.

Buy 100% native Corn Poppy seeds.

Native Common Poppy seeds are also found in the following wildflower seed mixtures:

Bees & Butterflies Pollinator Wildflower Mixture

Native Common Poppy seeds fast facts:

Latin name: Papaver Rhoeas.
Flowers: May to August.
Height: 70cm to 100cm.
When to sow common poppy seeds:  in spring for flowers later in summer.
Sow with: cornflower, oxeye daisy, common knapweed, and common sorrel.
Lifecycle: annual, forms a long-lived soil seed bank that will germinate when the surrounding soil is disturbed.
Soil requirement: Common Poppies thrive on chalk, clay, loam, and sandy soils.
Natural habitat: arable fields, bare open ground, and gardens.
Also known as: corn poppy, Flanders poppy, or field poppy.
Did you know? It is critical to disturb the soil every autumn if you wish to encourage Corn Poppies to re-establish from their own seed.
Are common poppies safe for animals? No. Ingestion of any part of the plant can result in opioid poisoning which can appear as extreme sedation or an excited/euphoric state.

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Papaver Rhoeas – Common Poppy Seeds
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