Centaurea Nigra – Common Knapweed Seeds


Sow common knapweed wildflower seeds in wildlife meadows and perennial borders to enjoy pink-purple flowers, which look thistle-like at first glance, from midsummer to early autumn. Flowers are followed by architectural seed heads on dead stems in autumn.

Buy 100% native common knapweed wildflower seeds.

Tough and vigorous, common knapweed is pollinated by a wide range of insects including bees, flies, butterflies, and beetles, and the resulting seed heads attract goldfinches and other seed-feeding birds. A member of the daisy family, knapweed flowers are made up of many tiny flowers with ragged bracts, borne on stems to a metre high above clumps of long entire or partly lobed mid-green leaves.

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Things to note when sowing common knapweed wildflower seeds:

Latin name: Centaurea nigra.
Flowers: June to September.
Height: 30–60 cm tall.
Sow common knapweed: in autumn or spring, or in mild spells during winter.
Lifecycle: Knapweed is a hardy grassland perennial. However, in order to regenerate, it needs an opportunity to set seed and for that seed to become established into open ground.
Soil requirement: naturalised planting in heavy clay or chalky soils. It does not thrive in very damp or acid sites.
Natural habitat: meadows, pastures, road verges, field borders, waste ground, scrubland, and woodland edges.
Also known as: lesser knapweed, black knapweed, hardhead, iron knobs, black centaury, loggerheads, and Spanish buttons.
Did you know? Common knapweed is favoured by of all kinds of butterflies including Common Blues, Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns.
Is common knapweed safe for pets? Yes, common knapweed is not known to be toxic to animals or humans, but all knapweeds contain carcinogens, so it is best to wear gloves when pulling more than one plant.
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