Cornfield Annuals Colourful 100% Wildflower Seed Mixture


Use our colourful wildflower mixture to create a vibrant micro-meadow and support biodiversity in your garden during one growing season. This 100% native annual wildflower mixture contains species commonly found in British cornfields, such as cornflower, common poppy, and corn marigold. Unlike a lot of wildflowers the annuals in this mix will tolerate richer soils and so are ideal for gardens and soils that contain a higher clay content.

How can I ensure annual wildflowers come back year after year? After each flowering season cut back the spent flowers after they have dropped their seeds and ensure that you disturb the soil a few times over the winter. This process is vital for the germination of new seeds the following spring.

This mix contains 100% native wildflower seed.

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Annual wildflowers are unlikely to grow in areas of established meadow planting but will suppress annual weed growth and give shelter to undersown perennial species when sown on a bare seedbed.

The native annual wildflower species in this mix include corncockle, scented mayweed, corn chamomile, field forget-me-not, cornflower, common poppy, corn marigold, opium poppy, wild mustard, night-flowering catchfly, and field pansy.

Contents may change with each new harvest and depending on availability. Suitable for most soil types, do not add compost or fertiliser when sowing.

How to ensure your wildflower displays return each year: to ensure the longevity of your wildflower habitat we suggest sowing this mix alongside our North Downs perennial wildflower mixture. Annual wildflowers establish quickly and provide a burst of colour in the first year but need to be managed in order to ensure flowers in successive years. Perennial wildflower species take longer to establish but can be relied upon to return annually, so for optimum displays year on year we recommend sowing annual wildflowers alongside perennial species.

Wildflower seed sowing rate: We recommend sowing our 100% wildflower seed mixtures at a rate of 3 grams per square metre. For more densely populated growth this can be increased to 4 grams per square metre. To encourage even distribution when scattering, wildflower seeds can be mixed with dry sand, sawdust, or flour at a weight ratio of 1:4 (seed to spreader).

When to sow this annuals wildflower mixture:  Ideally sown in autumn, but can also be sown during a mild period in winter, or in spring. A later sowing will shift flowering beyond the normal peak in June. Ensure that the seeds have good soil contact by pressing them lightly into the earth. Do not cover with soil. Take a look at these tips for successful wildflower seed germination.

Management tips for annual wildflowers: Cut back in late summer once flowering is complete and leave the cuttings on the ground for a few days to allow any seeds to drop. Remove these cuttings and collect any remaining seeds to scatter by hand.

Weight 3 g
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 16.5 cm

2g seed packet, 10g, 25g, 100g, 500g, 1kg


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