Wealden Heavy Clay Soils 100% Wildflower Seed Mixture


The native wildflower seeds in this mixture were harvested from established mixed meadows across the Weald of Kent, known for its low-lying heavy clay soil that can become waterlogged during the winter and often dries out during the summer. This clay soil wildflower seed mixture contains native perennial wildflower species such as common knapweed, yarrow, oxeye daisy, and ribwort plantain, which put down extensive, fibrous root systems that not only penetrate heavy clay soil effectively but also help the plants to withstand periods of drought.

This mix contains 100% native wildflower seed.

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The native wildflower seeds in this mixture were harvested from heavy clay soil across the Weald of Kent which comprises a low-lying clay vale.

The species in this mix include common knapweed, ribwort plantain, meadow buttercup, birdsfoot trefoil, cowslip, common sorrel, tufted vetch, yellow rattle, selfheal, yarrow, lady’s bedstraw, wild carrot, and oxeye daisy.

Contents may change with each new harvest and depending on availability.

To establish colour early in the season: we suggest sowing this mix in the autumn alongside our Cornfield Colours Annual Wildflower Mixture or our Bees & Butterflies Pollinator Wildflower Mix which will help to establish a vibrant display at the start of summer.

Sowing rate: We recommend sowing our 100% native clay soils wildflower seed mixtures at a rate of 2 grams per square metre. For more densely populated growth this can be increased to 4 grams per square metre. To encourage even distribution when scattering, wildflower seeds can be mixed with dry sand, sawdust, or flour at a weight ratio of 1:4 (seed to spreader).

When to sow:  Ideally sown in autumn, however for germination mid-season it can be sown when the ground temperature is above 12 degrees and the conditions are warm and wet. Ensure that the seeds are sitting just below the surface of the soil. Do not drill. Take a look at these tips for successful wildflower seed germination.

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Wealden Heavy Clay Soils Wildflower MixWealden Heavy Clay Soils 100% Wildflower Seed Mixture
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