Daucus Carota – Wild Carrot Seeds


With a dense umbel of white feathery flowers (which reach up to 7cm in diameter), seen from June to September, this common wildflower is often found growing on grasslands and along roadsides. The central flower of the wild carrot cluster can often be red or purple which is through to attract pollinators to the flowers. Wild carrot does, indeed, smell of carrots, but it’s a far cry from its domesticated cousin as its roots do not make for good eating. Unlike commercially cultivated varieties (cultivars) of carrot, wild carrots have small, pale taproots and as their seed heads (which bear fruit) develop, the umbel flowers become concave and curl up at the edges. 

The packet contains native wild carrot seed grown and harvested in Kent.


Flowers: June to September.
Height: up to 90cm tall.
Sow: in autumn as seed dormancy is broken over winter by a period of exposure to cold.
Lifecycle: tap-rooted biennial which self-seeds readily.
Best for: most soil types in full sun or partial shade. Works well in a perennial garden border or cottage garden planting.
Also known as: Queen Anne’s lace, bee’s nest, bird’s nest, and bishop’s lace.
Latin name: Daucus carota.
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