Wildflower Christmas Stocking Fillers


The perfect gift for anyone who champions green living and sustainability, these eco-friendly wildflower Christmas stocking fillers offer an earth-friendly way to show you care this holiday season. Choose from three festive designs, each with a unique mix of native wildflower seeds designed to deliver vibrant floral displays throughout the summer while providing vital habitats for pollinators, small birds, and mammals.

Each of the three festive designs contains a different blend of native wildflower seeds. Further details of each mix are listed below – please scroll down.

Our Bee Merry & Bright Wildflower Mix gives vibrant, nectar-rich blooms for one flowering season. Containing only annual species of wildflower, this mix is best suited for those keen for a picture-perfect wildflower display throughout the summer. Sow to provide a short-term planting solution for neglected areas of the garden.

The native annual species in this wildflower Christmas stocking filler include corncockle, scented mayweed, corn chamomile, field forget-me-not, cornflowercommon poppy, corn marigold, opium poppy, wild mustard, night-flowering catchfly, and field pansy.


Our Ho Ho Ho, Let’s Sow Wildflower Mix is an ideal ground cover for bare patches of soil in garden borders, will brighten neglected patio pots, or bring life to window boxes. Containing a mix of low-growing wildflower species, this mix will deliver varied flowering times and colour throughout the season while providing vital food plants for pollinators and shelter for wildlife.

The native species in this wildflower Christmas stocking filler include meadow buttercupbirdsfoot trefoilcowslip, tufted vetch, yellow rattleselfheallady’s bedstraw, oxeye daisy, red clover, wild white clovercommon poppy, wild marjoram, and red campion.


The native wildflower species in our Happy Habitats Wildflower Mix take a little longer to come to flower after sowing than those in Bee Merry & Bright, however once established they return year after year and provide long-term habitat for a range of pollinating insects, birds, and small mammals. Pair this sustainable stocking filler with your favourite annuals, such as cornflowercommon poppy, or corncockle, to ensure early colour after sowing.

The native perennial species in this wildflower Christmas stocking filler include birdsfoot trefoilblack medick, meadow buttercupcommon knapweedcommon sorrelcowslipcommon poppyfield scabious, kidney vetch, lady’s bedstrawsainfoin, salad burnet, selfhealSt. John’s wort, musk mallow, wild carrotwild marjoram, yarrow, yellow rattle, red clover, ribwort plantain, and oxeye daisy.


Wildflower Christmas Stocking Fillers FAQs


Should I choose a mix with annual or perennial wildflowers?

Both offer food plants and habitat for pollinators, the main difference is that annual wildflowers reestablish from their own seed, whereas perennial wildflowers put down a root system and can be relied upon to return every year. Annual species do not always reestablish without a little help (the seeds need to hit bare soil in order to germinate the following spring) and as such are ideal for short-term planting projects. Should you want wildflowers in your garden for just one season be sure to cut them back before they go to seed.

When should I sow the seeds from my wildflower stocking filler?

To germinate successfully, wildflower seeds need soil contact, rain water, and warmth. As such, you should look to sow your seeds after the last frost, when spring conditions have firmly pushed those of winter aside, and the ground temperature is beginning to rise. If possible, prepare the seedbed a few weeks ahead of sowing and continue to clear any new weed plants that appear from the disturbed soil. Ideally sow before a few days of rain, after sowing ensure the seeds have soil contact by treading them in with your boots. Avoid watering with tap water as this can affect germination.

Can I give these wildflower Christmas stocking fillers as corporate Christmas party favours or client gifts?

Absolutely, wildflower seeds are a sustainable way to keep your business at the forefront of the conversation. Please contact us to discuss white-label options tailored to your brand.

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